During the audio workshop of my third trimester, I discovered a few different things.
1) I had very much forgotten how to actually operate a Zoom recorder.
2) I'm not generally good at it, but thank god there was a checklist of things.
3) Damn, audio recording can be a pain in the butt.
Throughout the workshop, there were multiple lessons that I learned, most of which are sort of just minor things that won't affect me in any particularly large scale way, but is good nonetheless.
I learned that you can clear up specific birds out of audio with the spectral frequency display built into Adobe Audition, which was particularly impressive to watch. Most importantly, I reinforced my knowledge of audio recording and manipulation, which is fantastic for myself.

Though, it is worth mentioning that attempting to get a boom mic and a lapel mic to sound the same is very difficult and for those who can, in fact, manage it, I applaud you. I couldn't manage it as well as I wanted to, but I got as close as I could, which was not as close as I'd like to admit.
As well as this, something that will change my practice with audio mixing within Premiere, which is that channel mix down when adding audio to video is sometimes very crucial, and the ability to have all sources of audio alongside each other is particularly helpful when deciding on which to use.
Something that I learned about the people I work with, it can be difficult at times to maintain focus with them, with small divergent threads of conversation leading to lost time. Though, beyond that particular issue, which I believe is relatively easy to resolve through self discipline, there isn't much to be said in the way of new things that I've learned about them.

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