Script analysis. Not the best thing to do, but something that is definitely worth knowing about if you're looking into the film aspect of creative industries, and even if it is rather intimidating and boring to learn about, it's beneficial and helps your creative ability.
Though I've had to write scripts before, I've never really had to analyse a script, so this posed an interesting challenge for me. I had to relearn breaking down a script, finding the different story beats, emotional beats, etc, and figuring out the obstacle of the characters, the objectives of them, what they're doing in the scene and the subtext of what they say and do.
Then there's the addition of the "what if"s, the questions that can change the perspective behind someones actions, for instance; "what if something else besides the person holding the glass jar broke it?". Bad example, but I'm sure the point comes across.

It was quite a significant lesson for me, one that will hopefully stick with me for a while, because although I'm not a production student, the analysis of scenes and scripts is a good skill to have as an editor, and even if it isn't something that an editor does, it's still useful to me, as an editor, to see that sort of depth for the story, as it can only aid my own ability to understand the content and the characters.
I have also learned that I'm not particularly adept with understanding subtext, either verbal or written, which is a bit of a downer, considering it's quite a key aspect of script analysis, and in general. Despite my not being adept with understanding subtext, I soldier forth, unimpeded in my quest to provide entertainment to the masses and spread happiness and joy to those who witness my work, to which I say the more it goes unnoticed the better!

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