This post is going to be somewhat different to the others following the same category, as it follows two different "workshops" that occurred, one detailing dramatic editing and the other about laying out a scene for a moving master shot to take place.
Through the fourth week of the trimester, the concept of dramatic editing was reintroduced to me, which is beneficial because it's always good to have a refresher on old concepts, solidifying them in my memory. Aside from this, there was no real new lesson learned.
The practice of going through the layout of a set, blocking out actor movements and camera paths was quite informative, as it's not something I've done in the past.
Planning the camera and actor paths was interesting, and made me think about what movements are natural for people in that particular scene, as well as putting to my spatial awareness and understanding to good use, which isn't something I've had to actively think about before.

Throughout the time spent thinking and looking at different paths for actors and the camera, I learned that there are quite a few people that I study with who are less than willing to take advisement about where things are positioned, what might be natural for people, the path of the camera, etc. Though I'm used to stubborn mindsets, these particular encounters shone a light on the attitudes of them, and while that isn't necessarily a bad thing, it is evident that some of them are most assuredly meant for a specific role on a film set, instead of just doing what they were told to do.
As a post-production student, a look into the blocking of a set was quite advantageous to myself, and presumably the other post-production students, as we venture further into our specialized field and stray from the production students.

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