This week we mixed things up a little. Instead of focusing on the audio for interviews, we focused on our capabilities of interviewing and operating a camera within an interview.
During my attempts as a DOP in the interview process, I learned more than a few things, including that framing and switching between different shots quickly and accurately is very important. I was not particularly adept at either. Either my framing was too far to the left than it should be or my transition from a mid shot to close up would take too long and while it sped up and got better framing over time, there were adjustments even in the final attempt that are noticeable and somewhat annoyed me to have to do, but with time constraints and not being fantastic with a camera in the first place, I think it went alright.
The attempts we had for this one didn't really stand out as problematic for me, I think that interviewing, depending on who I'm interviewing, can lead down some good thought pathways and lead to people opening up. Having said that, out of the three attempts we had going through for the DOP, the first take, while being the worst for camera, I believe had the best interview. The second attempt built off the first and wasn't fantastic with the way it went and the final one was too brief to really be able to cover what I would have liked to in it. So while the first was the first one that I had to sit down and interview someone in that context, I think the conversation flowed well, even if the questions weren't particularly original.

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