This lovely blog post is brought to you by cinema seating, vaguely stale popcorn, and the hope that someone won't keep their phone on during the film. They always do.
Today, I'll be answering the following questions:
"Do you prefer the cinema or a different kind of exhibition space? Why?"
"What aspects or techniques used in films engage you and either make you think or feel certain ways?"
I have to say, I prefer the traditional viewing space of a cinema for films. For me, it feels right and the environment is almost always perfect whenever I go to see a new film in a cinema. The sort of comfy seats are appropriate, the dark stumble up the shallow stairs are a major hazard, and let's be honest, your viewing experience isn't complete until you see someone try to sneakily enter the cinema ten minutes after the screening started.
It's one of those things that isn't based on nostalgia or any real sense of practical comfort, but instead is based on a self perceived notion of "this is what's meant to be done".
As for aspects and techniques used in films, rhythmic editing is something that brings me completely into films like Shaun of the Dead and Baby Driver, but for others it can really bring me out of them. When a film is music-centric or sound-centric, then it can only aid it, though while saying that, Shaun of the Dead isn't so much a music or sound-centric film as much as a comedy that happens to include music and rhythmic editing.
Whenever I'm watching a film with rhythmic editing, and I'm drawn into it, I can always sort of feel the music and footage blend perfectly to create this sort of chaos that just awakens whatever emotion is trying to be elicited from me, whether it be sadness, happiness, or a sense of adrenaline.

On that emotional note, this ends the blog post!

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