Today's CIU class topic is entitled "Social Media and Your Career". Which means that we get to discuss the loveliness of the overwhelming pressure provided by social media to conform to a specific way as society constantly pushes forward and changing their ideal outlook. This, however, not the focus of this discussion. Many people say that you have to have your creative voice before you can present a brand voice, and though that's quite true, they aren't always one and the same.
No one is in "professional mode" all the time, as that would both be really bad and really stupid, but understanding when you should be in "professional mode" is quite important.
Personally, I feel like being in "professional mode" should end as soon as you're outside of your workplace and are headed home. There's something to be said about not dropping the professional head space until you're actually at home, but when you don't really want to be thinking about work during the sort of zone out and relax time you have in transit.
The distinction between your professional and home attitudes might not be major, but it should shift your focus, and for me as a prospective film editor, that means that I have to be particularly clean cut with my distinction between the two as they can leak and mix together a lot easier than I suspect other professional role distinctions might. I now know that there is a behavioral change that I have to be on the lookout for and make sure that my more work affiliated ones aren't present when I'm outside of the headspace.

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