The first practical class for the fourth trimester of my uni course was about audio and interviewing. While that went fairly well, there are still some problems.
Room Tone
This...was problematic, mostly because of the people in the background. While I wish that I redid it, until the near end of the class there was almost always someone talking in the background, so it became unfeasible to do so without butting into the time of another recordist. The shaking of the boom mic also posed a problem at the beginning and ends of the clip.
Interview as Sound Recordist
The shaking of the boom mic is the main problem of this audio, as small adjustments of position causes the shaking to occur and can be heard  a few times throughout. The shaking at the beginning and end were known about when recording, the shaking during the interview wasn't noticed until playback, unfortunately.
Interview as Interviewer
Ignoring the sound quality, I feel like this was less problematic than the other two. While I did poke questions at my interviewee, it felt like wringing an already wrung out sponge for answers. I think that continued efforts and pre-interviews with future interviewees will allow me to be more accustomed to the process and have them be more comfortable around me.
Sound Report
The sound report created by the Zoom F8 with the notes taken by myself during my recordings is very descriptive and I can't imagine using an F8 without the control app being active on my phone anymore. Because of the physical copies done by other group members it seems lacking, which is unfortunate because it's an invaluable tool for audio recording.

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